At UnoEuro, you secure a safe and stable place on the web for your website, at a fixed low price.

Bronze Suite


1 EUR/month (+12 EUR setup fee)

5 GB website space

Unlimited space for mail

Unlimited traffic and domains

PHP 7 or ASP and ASP.NET/.NET Core

14 days money-back guarantee

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New Pro Suite: Even more performance. Read more.

Complete web hosting experience

Large english control panel

Efficient virus & spam filter

1-Click installation of CMS & blog

Daily backup and 99.99% uptime

Competent and fast support

Umbraco compatible

Full support for Umbraco, with ASP.NET, .NET Core and IIS Integrated pipeline.

HTTPS (SSL) protection

On our web hosting accounts you can have HTTPS protection for your website.

Your .dk domains FREE!

You can gather all your .dk domains at UnoEuro - for free.

Pro host New

With our Pro host you get more space, CPU speed and memory than with a Bronze Suite.

It guarantees your website more resources to handle peak loads and heavy CMS / shop systems.

Pro Suite


10 EUR/month (+12 EUR setup fee)

.. everything from the Bronze suite

100 GB website space

200% CPU speed

200% memory

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Domains & DNS

Gather all your domains in our smart domain administration. Whether you have one or 100,000 domains, it is quick and easy.

Set up DNS records, 301 SEO-friendly forwarding, DNS templates and much more.

DNS Service

7 EUR setup + domain, then free.

Full control of your domain

Complete DNS administration

301 SEO-friendly forwarding

FREE when moving af .dk domain

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