General conditions 1. January 2015

For a customer to be eligible to purchase domains or subscribe to a web space with UNOEURO, the customer is required to be at least 18 years of age. If the customer is any younger, a service agreement on buying domains or subscribing to a web space will only be valid with consent from a legal guardian.

The customer is obliged to maintain and update their master data, including the email address that is UNOEURO's primary way to contact the customer. Master data can be maintained through the customer's control panel.

After placing an order, information about the ordered product, including any further instructions, is sent to the customer by email.

Domain conditions

Ved domænebestilling erklærer køber/kortholder, at registranten er indforstået med, at brugen af domænenavnet ikke krænker tredjeparts navne- eller varemærkerettigheder eller i øvrigt strider mod dansk lovgivning samt retningslinjer og betingelser for den valgte domænetype. Domænet vil blive bestilt hurtigst muligt, typisk få minutter efter betalingen har fundet sted. Domænet bliver ved bestilling registreret i kundens navn. Ved fejlbestilte domæner, samt domænefornyelser, tilbagebetales registrerings- & fornyelsesgebyret ikke.

Fornyelse af domænenavne foregår som udgangspunkt igennem kundens kontrolpanel. Såfremt automatisk fornyelse ikke er aktiveret, vil kunden vil modtage påmindelse om fornyelse, inden domænets udløb. Det er alene kundens eget ansvar at sikre rettidig fornyelse af sine domæner.

Web hosting conditions

The web hosting period is a 12 full months from the day the web hosting is ordered. Each year, the web hosting may be extended for another term. Incorrectly ordered periods are non-refundable. Before the product expires, a renewal request for the subsequent 12 months is sent to the customer. If the period is not extended, and automatic renewal has not been activated by the customer, the product expires on the stated expiry date. Upon expiration, data can no longer be accessed by the customer. 2 weeks after the original period has expired, the product and any associated data are deleted. The web hosting is hereby considered terminated.

If UnoEuro wishes to cancel a subscription, the customer will receive a written notice one month beforehand, however, UnoEuro reserves the right to close a web space without notice if the customer has violated UnoEuro's conditions. UnoEuro will then submit a written justification for the closure with reference to the condition that was violated. Offending other users of UnoEuro's web spaces constitutes an abuse of UnoEuro's services. This may at any time result in the closure and termination of the web space. UnoEuro is in every respect superior in the definition of the word abuse.

Change subscription

The customer may at any time change their existing subscription to a larger or smaller web space without any penalty. This can be done through the customer's Control Panel.

Terms of use

Hensigten med UNOEURO's webhoteller er ikke at fungere som en ekstern harddisk til lagring af data som zip, mp3, jpg, avi og lign., men at fungere som en fremvisnings-/salgsplads for forretningsfolk og private. Det er således ikke tilladt at have større filarkiver liggende til fri download eller visning/streaming uden forudgående aftale med UNOEURO.

For webhoteller med ASP/PHP-adgang vil UNOEURO løbende vurdere funktionen af scripts/programmer/data, som eventuelt kan belaste serveren eller forårsage nedbrud. Hvis dette er tilfældet, kan UNOEURO til enhver tid midlertidigt lukke for adgangen til det pågældende webhotel. Dette vil dog normalt foregå i samråd med ophavsmanden.

If a product is used to send out spam, phishing etc., UNOEURO reserves the right to suspend access to the product temporarily without further warning, until the issue has been rectified. This also applies even if the owner of the product is not aware of the aforementioned abuse, or is not directly responsible for it.

Legislation and responsibility

UNOEURO allows any type of information that does not conflict with provisions in Danish and international laws and legislations.

herunder tab af forventet avance

UNOEURO is not liable for any losses caused by force majeure, including law regulations, governmental actions or similar, power supply failure, telecommunication failure, fire, smoke damage, explosions, water damage, vandalism, burglary, terrorism, or sabotage, strikes, lockouts, boycotts, or blockades. This applies even if UNOEURO is part of the conflict, and even if the conflict applies only to parts of UNOEUROS functions/departments.

Free of charge traffic/bandwidth

At UNOEURO we usually provide free traffic and bandwidth for all web space accounts. A significant exploitation of this may, however, result in exclusion from UNOEURO's servers or bandwidth limitation. Significant exploitation can e.g. be violation of the rules regarding the website's content.

Server operation

UNOEURO endeavours to ensure that all systems are available 24/7, 365 days a year. UNOEURO is, however, entitled to suspend the service when maintenance or other technical conditions make it necessary.

Terms of Payment

All services available on UNOEURO's website are listed in Euro/Danish kroner and are excl. VAT, unless stated otherwise.

Automatic renewal of products is possible through the customer's control panel. The service can at any time be activated or cancelled through the control panel, where payment details can also be changed. The customer will receive an email notification upon automatic renewal of the service, and the payment receipt can be found in the customer's control panel. It is furthermore possible to use the same card information entered during regular payment, where these will be presented as a payment option. UNOEURO does not store the customer's card information.

Automatisk fornyelse sker ud fra gældende prisliste, som altid kan findes på UNOEURO's hjemmeside

All payments made online by the customer, using Dankort, Visa, Eurocard, or MasterCard are not subject to any additional fees from UNOEURO.

All products are created and effectuated immediately after payment, where, at the same time, the order amount is deducted from the customer's account.

Termination conditions

All web hosting subscriptions are invoiced in advance for periods of 12 months. Unsubscribing from these will occur automatically if the subscription period is not extended by the customer. Period extension is managed through the customer's control panel, and can be done at any time, provided the web space has not been deleted.

UNOEURO's products, services, and domain names are specifically tailored to the customer, and therefore the general right of withdrawal does not apply. See Danish Consumer law (Forbrugeraftaleloven §12, stk. 1 (fortrydelsesret ved fjernsalg)).


UNOEURO offers free and unlimited support through our online support system. Telephone support is not available.


If an order is placed with the intent of resale, it is the reselling customer's responsibility that the end customer is informed about UNOEURO's role as the supplier of the delivery.

It is not permitted to resell UNOEURO's products if the products are in direct competition with UNOEURO's own products, unless the order is placed in the name of the end customer.


The customer declares that they are familiar with UNOEURO’s general conditions.

UNOEURO reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions without notice. Any disputes regarding this agreement must be settled under Danish law with the Maritime and Commercial High Court as the court of first instance.

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