Operational status

See the current status on all our servers and related services.

Should there be a problem with a server or service, it will be shown on this site and our system administrators will be informed immediately, 24/7.

All customers can view a detailed operational report for their particular products in our control panel.

Current operating issues

At the moment, operational problems have been registered on the following servers:

  • linux31.unoeuro.com (HOST)
  • linux85.unoeuro.com (HOST)
  • linux31.unoeuro.com (FTP)
  • linux31.unoeuro.com (HTTP)
  • linux31.unoeuro.com (HTTP-PHP)
  • linux85.unoeuro.com (FTP)
  • linux85.unoeuro.com (HTTP)
  • linux85.unoeuro.com (HTTP-PHP)