Which outgoing server should I use for my scripts?

If you need to send emails via your website in ASP, ASP.NET or PHP, you can use smtp.unoeuro.com. There is no limit for how many emails you can send through this server.

You should send e-mail through port 587 and use username and password. The login information can be any e-mail that has been set up through E-Mail in our control panel.

Please note that this server can only be used from your scripts, on our webservers, and not by regular email clients or servers placed elsewhere.

In PHP, you can use e.g. phpMailer or SwiftMailer for sending, since the mail() function does not support use of an external SMTP server.

Mass sending
If you need to send out ten thousands of emails, we recommend purchasing a VPS and setting up your own SMTP server. This way you can ensure your emails are not blocked by 3rd party because of other customers sending, and at the same time we ensure that our servers are not blocked because of you sending. Make sure to configure SPF records and, if possible, DKIM signature for your emails. This helps not to get blocked with many email providers.

Bounce handling
When mass sending we appreciate that customers always handle their bounce emails, and remove "dead" email addresses from their lists. This can be done by setting up a sender address and check this account for bounce emails. If you create such an account please deactivate antivirus and antispam on it, to prevent unnecessary use of resources on the mail servers. Make sure to delete and handle the emails on this account frequently.
This will prevent mail servers from blocking emails sent from our SMTP servers, and make sure that your emails are delivered corrently to valid subscribers.
You should also implement the List-unsubscribe header ( ) so it contains a link that removes the subscriber directly from your lists.

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